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Ladyfuzz needs your help!

Ladyfuzz needs your help!

Hey everyone,

We have been a little quiet recently, the reason being that we've been dealing with a copyright issue of someone ripping off our t-shirt designs and selling them elsewhere. They even included our logo and name on everything. We were alerted to this by someone that almost bought the shirt, we even saw that others had bought it thinking it was an official Ladyfuzz shirt. 

This was a huge blow, as we're such a small DIY operation, and any profit we make goes straight back into the pot to run our events, pay our regular writers, and invest back into merch and printing more zines. 

This gave us a bit of a shock, and we want to make sure we take the correct measures in protecting the small community we have created for everyone who supports us, and to make sure no one is using our name, or profiting from what we do or our message for the wrong reasons. 

We want to properly trademark Ladyfuzz to ensure that if this happens again from a legal point of view we have more of a leg to stand on, as opposed to just expressing that what they have taken is our intellectual properly. We feel that a trademark will also deter people from attempting to rip us off. 

We have never done crowdfunding before. The first 100 zines we printed came out of Lucinda’s (Ladyfuzz founder) own pocket, and anything we haven’t had enough money to pay for has also been fronted by them up until this point. We are reaching out to ask for help from our community to raise £350 so we can pursue the trademark ASAP, and have peace of mind going forward that we’ll be better protected should this happen again. 

We are using Ko-Fi to crowd fund as they support creatives like us every day, and don’t take any extra fees like other crowdfunding sites do. We will also keep our Ko-Fi page running for anyone that would like to support us monthly. This will get you digital copies of our zines, discount in our online store, and early access to any future issues we release.

To be completely transparent this is the breakdown of the costs we need to cover…

  • Application Fee - £170

  • Addition Classes Fee - £180

“Addition Classes” refers to trademarking against certain things like merch / magazines / music events etc. 

Any questions please feel free to tweet / DM us on our social profiles.

Click the button below to donate.

Thanks so much, 
Team LF

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