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issue 6 soundtrack / natasha johnson, great wight

issue 6 soundtrack / natasha johnson, great wight

We asked Natasha Johnson from Great Wight to create the soundtrack for Issue #6, and as we’re aren’t shipping the zines until the 8th October, we thought this would be a great time to introduce you!

Great Wight hail from Brooklyn. A 3 piece with incredible thought provoking lyrics, incredible stage chat, and a great album “The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life” under their belt.

As well as providing the playlist for Issue #6, which you can find here. Natasha also went into detail on every song they picked. So sit back, relax, chuck on the playlist and read what Natasha has to say!

When asked to put together a playlist of bands with a focus on non-men/non-binary/non-confirming artists, I quickly realized that nearly every non-mainstream band I selected was artists that Great Wight has (or will) played with. We have been fortunate, selectively so, to play with amazing artist of the marginalized nature. The song order and choices are deliberate as I wanted the playlist to tell a story of self love and accepting who you are. Below is a highlight of some of those bands that I’ve had the fortune to play with:

I started off with: “On our own – Pando.

I met Vincent Harris at a show we played at Trans Pecos in Queens NY. They played as a solo act and the second I heard them, I was smitten. Their lovely demeanor and style of songwriting put a smile on my face and I couldn’t stop listening to their bandcamp for weeks after.


Daylight Lover – T-Rextasy

Erik (of Great Wight) has been hitting up this group for months in an attempt to play with them and we finally got our chance August 30th in Brooklyn. When I heard them and listened, I pretty much instantly fell in love. The thing I love about this band, aside from their clever stabs on white privilege and misogamy, is the fact that they dont talk the talk; they walk the walk.

Black Coffee – Mean Siders

The shear angst in front-person Katie Ortiz’s voice and confidence in stage presence can be summed up as that feeling of internally screaming in your head when men cat call, stare, touch without consent and condescend. Hailing out of Brooklyn NY, Mean Siders is the definition of a rock n roll band. The one your parents warned you about as to not get those wild feminist ideas in your head.


Milky Way – Long Neck 

Met this band our first time playing Trans Pecos in Queens. The singer/songwriter, Lily Mastrodimos, completely wowed me before even lifting up a guitar. Then put a mic near her and you instantly feel the tingles through your body after one note. Long Neck capsulizes the feel of longing, longing for anything/one and where. 

fake bitch – globbinjr

I was getting one of the worst influenza virus I’ve ever had. globbinjr came on stage and stopped me in my tracks. This song resonates in the same way as Mean Siders but with a cutesy touch.


End of the World - Cumulus

This song veers towards self growth and self love. I met Alex Niedzialkowski (singer/songwriter) at Fest15 and didn’t even know she was an artist. We were attached at the hip for a few shows and when I got home and finally listened to her music, my heart sank. Great Wight gets to play with them Sept 19th.

13 Black Cats - foxy dads

When I first moved to New York I struggled with finding people to be in a band; so I wrote songs in midi on my phone, played guitar over them and called it electro pop punk. Foxy Dads l reminds me of that. I chose this song because sometimes we literally have to tell ourselves to be positive and maybe everything won’t hurt so much


Just Start Dancing - Early Riser

Early Riser will always hold a special place in my heart. Aside from getting Great Wight on The Chris Gethard Show in May, Kiri and Heidi are two of the most talented wholesome people. This song evidences that fact and starts the uplifting side of figuring yourself out and just how happy we can be. 

I kissed a Girl - Jill Souble

This song is probably the most pivotal songs in my life. I was obsessed with it when it came out in 1995. My sisters would make fun of me and call me gay; which I never got angry over. In hindsight, it was at this time I came out to myself without even realizing it until a couple years later when started high school and met first girlfriend, let’s call her Melissa. This song made me feel like it was OK to like girls. And although I didn’t go out of my way to hide it, I also didn’t know that everyone saw me as a lesbian back then until like 4 years ago. Whoops. 

Surprisingly, Great Wight has not played with her. 

(And yes, I am annoyed Katy Perry appropriated this title and flippantly stole the importance of the song as the number lesbian anthem imho)


Play the Field - Partner

This song is straight out of my diary of how Melissa and I came to be. Melissa was a field hockey player at an all-girl high school and I met her at a punk show. She had short bleached spiked hair, baggy clothes and a smile that would make you weak at the knees. You know that look someone gives you when you know, and they know, and you both know that ya’lls on the same team? Thats all it took for me. She was the first time I acted upon and realized that I am down to join her team. (And scored my first basket.) When Partner played Silent Barn, I instantly turned into that 13 year old tash and was crushing on Josée and Lucy. So hard that when I was introduced to them, I responded with “  think you are so cool and holy shit it must be cool to be awesome” then I literally ran away. I am fairly certain they thought I was a weird asshole. It was embarrassing as hell. We haven’t played a show together yet but fingers crossed!

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"It’s My Body And My Choice"

"It’s My Body And My Choice"

ladyfuzz issue #6 available for pre-order now

ladyfuzz issue #6 available for pre-order now