I want to write for Ladyfuzz. How do I do that?
We have a submissions form you can fill in here. We get a huge amount of enquiries, and although we can't reply to them all, we will email you if we'd like to have you write something for us. 

I want my band to be featured in Ladyfuzz.
We spend a huge amount of time curating the Zine and always welcome new music and submissions. Feel free to get in touch using our contact form and submit a link to your music. We're a small operation so we don't review music or do single/album premieres. We just focus featuring cool stuff in the zine for our readers to discover!

My order hasn't arrived yet. How long does it normally take?
Ladyfuzz is a one person operation, and Lucinda ships orders once a week (twice during zine releases / pre-orders).  Please be patient, and if you're from outside the UK allow at least 4-6 weeks for your order to arrive. It normally is quicker, but sometimes things can get held up in customs. If your order still hasn't arrived drop us an email and we'll chase it up for you!

I ordered a t-shirt but I want to swap it for another size. Can I return it?
Yes absolutely! Please contact us using our contact form and state your order number and what you would like to swap the order for. You are responsible for the shipping cost of you returning your item to us.

What is your refund / returns policy?
We are a super small independent business, and every return we get we have to take a hit on sending the exchange back out.

We ask that you order according to the size chart on our product pages, but as specified above if it's not right for you we're happy to exchange clothing. We want you to feel good and comfortable in it!

Anything else we will only exchange if the product has a fault. Just contact us and let us know.